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Refereed by your Architects:

"Your refer", are one of our premier refers. They have a strong repuation in the Industry. In order to ensure the reputation security of both our companies is protected, we work harder for their clients. Giving them priority in service and going further wherever possible. In order get this important process moving for their clients we produce and serve the Notices. These notices have been paid for by them on your behalf.

The Party Wall Process: Start

Below is an outline of first few stages of the process.

Party Wall etc. ACT 1996 (“The ACT”) is an enabling ACT which is designed to aide building works, with safe guards for Adjoining owners. The process starts with Serving of Notices to Adjoining Owners. The next element of the process depends on your neighbours actions, who can respond in the following ways:

Each neighbour has the following options:

1. Agree to the Notices

2. Agree to the Notices with a Schedule of conditions

3. Choose us as their Agreed Surveyor

4. Choose a Surveyor of their own choice.

5. Do nothing


The best results for the Building Owner are 1-3. From our experience the best results are achieved by using any relationship you may already have with your neighbours. It's quite simple really, knock on their door, invite them for a cup of tea and tell them about your proposed building works. Chat over the garden fence works equally well. Remember, we're only interest in the property owners (Freeholders/Leaseholders) not the tenants.

If you're not on talking terms with your neighbours, which is more and more the case nowadays, don't worry. We will be undertaking the formal process in parallel by posting, the Notices to the Owners.

Sixteen days after posting the Notices we will move onto the next stage of the process.

Best Results for Building Owners - System

 The BR BO System

This system contains a number components together with our expertise which put together in the right mix can give you very effective system. This system is very effective for achieving the Best Result for Building Owners point of view.

Although there's no cast iron guarantee, we know following this very effective system and can help you achieve the Best Results for you as the Building Owner in terms of responses to your Notices.

This system has been designed in conjunction with our volume clients (Building Companies) who use our services repeatedly. Their clients have benefited from the results delivered by this system. Now it's being used by Architects to benefit their clients

  • Timing
  • Delivering Notices
  • Expertly Written Accompanying Letters
  • Impartial Expert Managing The Process:
  • Expert in the Party Wall Matters:
  • Answer to your Neighbours Questions/Concerns:
  • Here to Help You:

Timing: Deliver the Notices as soon as the planning application drawings are ready for submission. This means the first your neighbours hear about your application is from you. Increasing their confidence in you compared to the companies who will mail shoot them. There's no disadvantage, if planning permission is not granted for some reason, we can deal with this possibility if required. Neighbours will find out from the council in due course. In case our neighbours miss this letter from the council, most neighbours will get at least 3-5 marketing letters from other Party Wall Surveyors trying to persuade them up to sign to act as their Party Wall Surveyor. If they sign up for one of these companies, you'll have to pay for two sets of Surveyor's fees. If this deadline is missed don't worry all is not lost, the other components will still work the same.

Hand Deliver The Notices: This is the only involvement you may need to have, the rest is all down to us. Where possible hand deliver the Notices with the accompanying letters provided. This will increase your neighbours confidence in the acceptance of your role as a Building Owner. It's easier where you have a relationship with your neighbours. If your not on talking terms with your neighbours, which is more and more the case nowadays, don't worry. We will be undertaking the formal process in parallel by posting, the Notices to the Adjoining Owners.

Expertly Written Accompanying Letters: Our accompanying letters have been expertly crafted and refined over a number of years in order to get the Best Results for the Building Owners. As Party Wall Surveying is our sole focus of business, our material to Adjoining Owners is constantly being improved and tested. Hence you'll be able to benefit from this enormous level of experience. In addition to the process of continuous improvement.

Impartial Expert Managing The Process: Your neighbours are more likely to listen to and Trust an Independent Expert who works in this specialist arena. When a Party Wall Surveyor is involved, especially when they're an expert in the subject matter, this can add to your neighbours level of reassurance.

Access to Expert in the Party Wall Matters: Not only does our firm have expertise in this arena. It's the sole focus of our business, hence our expertise is being constantly honed and developed. See introduction to Firm.

Answer to your Neighbours Questions/Concerns: Our contact details are available for your neighbours to discuss any further questions or concerns they may have. These will be questions we have come across number of times. More importantly we know exactly your neighbours rights. What they're entitled to ask for. Also as we do this on a daily basis, we know exactly how to handle their concerns and objections in an expert manor.

Here to Help You: Building Owners forget/don't understand the purpose of The ACT. Which was passed to enable Building Owners to build. Amongst other Rights, this can include rights to gaining access to your neighbours property, as well as, place scaffolding on their land if required. We're here to help you achieve your Building project objective, whilst keeping you legal.

Common Mistakes/Errors by Building Owners

Ignoring – The Party Wall etc Act 1996 - (The ACT)

Hoping your neighbours won't find out about your Building project, raise objections to the planning permission and demand compliance with The Party Wall etc. 1996. Your neighbours will find out about your building project through one the following ways.

The council will write to your neighbours for consultation on planning matters. Some councils have email alerts for local residence.

Once your application is accepted, it's details are entered on public databases, which are then used by other companies and their marketing departments to write to you and your neighbours marketing their services. Amongst those marketing their services will be other Party Wall Surveyors, indeed most neighbours will receive at least 3-5 letters from these other Party Wall Surveyors.

If your neighbours sign up for one these you'll end up paying for two sets of fees. Their surveyors fees as well as your own. The Best Result for Building Owners will help to move the odds in your favour by dealing with this issue in a timely manor rather burying your head in the sand.

Saving money on Notices:

Some home Owners try and save money by DIYing the Notices. This can lead to two sets of problems.

Firstly the Notices may be invalid and therefore delay the Building process. This can be a false economy due to the lack of effective use of the components in the Best Result for Building Owner system listed above.

The second problem is your neighbour may engaging the services of another Party Wall Surveyor, therefore costing you two sets of fees.

For referred clients we have special deals with our refers and can produce these Notices for you.

Introduction to Our Firm.

We have a strong reputation in the industry. Our company is a specialist firm of Party Wall Surveyors. All our Surveyors are fully Trained, Qualified, Insured and undertaken Continuing Professional Development. We focus on delivering a service which Fast, Reliable, knowledgeable and Focus on Best outcome for our client.

1. We are members of FPWS: - Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors (FPWS). This is non-profit making organisation set-up to train Party Wall Surveyors. It's members are Highly regarded in the Party Wall Surveying Industry as having a very highly level of expertise in Party Wall Matters.

2. Specialist Party Wall Surveyors: – Our firm is specialist Party Wall Surveying firm, focused solely on Party Wall Matters hence delivering much better results for clients.

3. Fully Trained: - All our Surveyors are trained in the arena of Party Wall Surveying.

4. Qualified: – All are surveyors are qualified members of the MFPWS – Member of Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors

5. Insured: – Our surveyors carry Professional Indemnity Insurance.

6. Continuing Professional Development (CPD): – Our Surveyors undertake The Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors – programme of CPD in order to keep their expertise up dated.

We stride to provide clients with best strategy for their situations, in order to achieve the optimal results in terms of finances and more importantly time scales. We endeavour to provide clients with a cost effective and simplified programme to deal with this important aspect of property law.