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Specialist Party Wall Surveyors 

Our Fees

In the first instance our advice is FREE!

Currently there is no VAT on our fees.

We have standard fees for various roles we undertake. The fees below are based on a standard residential loft conversion or rear extension. More complicated projects are priced individually.

Our invoices are sent electronically and payment can be made by bank transfer.

Serving Notices:

£49 Notices including Land Registry searches and postal charges

If we are required to Draft and Serve an Award. Ask for further details.

Building Owner Surveyor:

For the Building Owner only, per Award. This is a very competitive market so we offer a very competitive fee from only £495.

Our fees cover the drafting and serving of the Award.

Subsequent Awards and costs are chargeable at our hourly rate. These may or may not be required depending on how things progress.

Schedule of Condition:

Describes pre-building works condition of Neighbouring Properties

We charge a flat fee of only £395 per schedule for our Schedule of Conditions – Light. This is where we take a Schedule of Conditions before the start.

A follow-up visit is chargeable at our hourly rate and is not always required, therefore it can be more economical to negotiate and pay for settle damages any claim for rather then pay for follow-up visits . Should there be a need for a follow-up visit we are available and you have lost nothing.

Agreed Surveyor:

For you (the Building Owner) and your Neighbour (the Adjoining Owner)

Our fee for the Building Owner is from £495 per Award.

We will act for the Adjoining Owner for an additional flat fee of only £100.

Adjoining Owner Surveyor:

For the Neighbour, under normal circumstances these are paid by the Building Owner. We charge by the hour. The final figure will be entered into the Award before it is served.

At the request of the Building Owner we can agree a FIXED FEE in advance.

Our standard hourly rate is £125 p/h. Our standard service area includes anywhere up to 1 hour from our office. We normally charge for additional travel at our standard hourly rate.

For a FIXED FEE QUOTE email details of your plans to us

The Total Fees for my Project:

The bill is determined by your neighbours' decisions.

The law entitles them to choose their surveyor. Whether it be me as the 'Agreed Surveyor' (which is the cheapest for you) or they appoint there own choice of Surveyor. You are responsible for these fees.

The total fees for your project depend on the following elements:

The number of neighbours relevant to your project and what they choose to do

For each neighbour the choice they make determines the level of your costs

The option each neighbour has are as follows:

  • Agreed to the Notices – Costs of Notices from £49
  • Agree with a Schedule of conditions – Light – from £395
  • Agreed Surveyor – from £990 (£495+£100 + £395)
  • Chooses their own surveyor - from £939(£49+£495+£395:our fee) + fees of Adjoining owner Surveyor.

"Owner" - Defined by the Act as anyone having an interest in a property of greater than 1 year i.e. not an Assured Short hold tenant, includes the persons or company or other body:

• holding the freehold title;

• holding a leasehold title for a period exceeding one year;

• under contract to purchase such a freehold or leasehold title;

• entitled to receive rents from the property.

Where the neighbouring house has been converted into flats. Each person named on the Land Registry is an owner in their own right. Depending on the situation each person named on the flats leases forms a separate owner plus those on freehold.

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