1996 Party Wall

Specialist Party Wall Surveyors 


Housing Associations - Adjoining Owners or Building Owners. We're on your side.

Any organisations which is involved in looking after property portfolio of any size needs to know about - Party Wall etc. Act 1996 - "The Act". Housing Associations dealing with property portfolios of any sizes need to be aware of "The Act". We're here to assist and provide expert advice on this import aspect of property law.

There are two sides to The Act: -

1) Building Owners and

2) Adjoining Owners 

Housing Associations as Building Owners:

Housing Associations planning to undertake development works should Contact Us Immediately 

Housing Associations as Adjoining Owners:

Housing Associations managing portfolios of any sizes are usually affected by The Adjoining Owners part of The Act. Read on to find out and discover more.

Most import point to understanding as An Adjoining Owner you are entitled to Appoint your own Party Wall Surveyor and usually free to the Adjoining Owner.   


- Understand the costs of An Adjoining Owner Party Wall Surveyor are paid by The Building Owner in the most cases..  


- If you've received a Party Wall Notice you need to reply quickly as there strict time Limits in which to reply.  


- You must reply to any Party Wall Notice within 14 days. 


- After 14 Days Building Owner may send a Letter giving you Ten days appoint a Surveyor otherwise they may appoint One on your behalf.  


- Once Surveyor is appointed they can not be changed ie their appointment can not be rescinded. 

Still undecided about appointing us your own Party Wall Surveyor and would like to discuss any questions or concerns specific to your circumstances, If you'd like to discuss your options please Contact US urgently (there are strict time limits under )

Other common Issues, Concerns and Questions :

Other common Issues, Concerns and Questions to consider are listed below. Should you require more information please Contact US 

  •  Free Party Wall Surveyor for Adjoining Owners - in what circumstances and why - The Act rule on who pays
  • Notifiable - Owners
  • Pro & Cons of Agreed Surveyor - your choice
  • Notifiable Works and minimum Notice Periods.
  • Different types of notifiable works require different lengths of notice periods.
  • Most common works come under the following notices, each project may require more then one notice.
  • Section One: Notice requires One Months Notice.
  • Section Three: Used to Notify Section 2 works requires Two Months Notice
  • Section Six: Notice requires One Months Notice.
  • Party Wall etc. 1996 Act - The ACT - Background
  • Adjoining Owner Rights - Section 1 Notice placing Foundations on your Land - Not Necessary
  • Security for Expenses
  • Under Pinning - Not necessary
  • No Notice - No ACT
  • Restriction on Working Hours
  • Section 10(4) - Surveyors appointed on your behalf
  • Enclosure costs - What are they, Who's entitled to them.
  • Insurance - Project Cover - Household Insurance Limits
  • Common Misunderstandings
  • Neighbours proposed works
  • The Process - time limits what are they, why they're important.
  • Common terms used in Party Matters.
  • Letters of Appointment
  • ─Éissent and Dispute - Meaning of Dissent and Dispute under the Act. 

If you need information or help on any of the above please Contact Us .